Procurement Card

Roles and Responsibilities

There are two mandatory roles associated with a Procurement Card. For a proper separation of duties, an individual shall not fill more than one role.


The cardholder is responsible for using the card in a conscientious and ethical manner consistent with UC Davis policy. The cardholder must not allow another individual to use the card, or card number, for making purchases. The cardholder must reconcile their bank statement on a monthly basis, and report any disputed transactions promptly. For more on the specific responsibilities of the cardholder, see Care and Feeding of the Card.

Misuse of the Procurement Card may result in revocation of the card and/or disciplinary action.

Fiscal Officer

The role of the Fiscal Officer is to certify each Procurement Card purchase as appropriate, compliant, and accurate, and to ensure that the purchase was properly received. The Fiscal Officer also verifies that the amount paid is correct, that the payment was not duplicated, and that sales tax was charged appropriately and not duplicated.  It is the Fiscal Officers responsibility to notify the P-Card Coordinator/Administrator of any employee separation immediately, or in advance of such separation, if possible.

The Fiscal Officer is responsible for ensuring that the Procurement Card is used appropriately by each cardholder they oversee. If a Procurement Card is used inappropriately, it may be necessary to take corrective or disciplinary action.

Fiscal Officers should ensure that action is taken on each KFS Procurement Card (PCDO) document in KFS. If a federal account is assigned to the Procurement Card, the expense should be moved from that account if supporting source documentation is inadequate.

The Fiscal Officer is also responsible for ensuring that the Procurement Card expenses that appear in FIS Decision Support are appropriate and compliant with university policy and were not also processed on a KFS Disbursement Voucher or Payment Request document. Fiscal Officers use the Analytical Ledger Review (403) in FIS Decision Support (DS) to properly review these transactions.