Procurement & Contracting Services

Procurement Card

Handling Problems

As the cardholder, you are responsible for checking your card statement for accuracy.

Disputed Charges

Mistakes in the amount billed and duplicate charges should be resolved directly with the merchant. If you are unable to resolve a dispute with a merchant, you must report it within 60 days to US Bank Customer Service Office at 800-344-5696. In addition to contacting the bank, you must also complete the Dispute Reporting Form.

US Bank will investigate and credit the amount of the disputed charge back to the account once the investigation is completed, normally within 30 days. If the resolution is in favor of the merchant, the account will continue to be charged for the disputed amount at the end of the investigation.

Failure to report a dispute within 60 days of the statement date will result in the university absorbing the expense.

Fraudulent Charges

If you find fraudulent charges on your statement that you did not make, you must report them immediately to the US Bank Customer Service Office at 800-344-5696 and submit a Dispute Reporting Form. You should also request a replacement card and inform your Fiscal Officer.

US Bank will send you a Statement of Fraud and a Transaction Report to review, complete and sign. It is important that these forms are returned promptly by fax. If they are not received by US Bank, the credit for your disputed charge will be withheld or canceled.

Retain your copies of the forms, along with the fax receipt/report showing confirmation that it was sent, as you would any source documentation for a transaction. If you do not receive the forms within two weeks of your initial call to US Bank, make a follow-up call to them. Keep records of all calls related to your dispute.