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P-Card Application

Application Introduction

Department Heads/Designees are responsible for designating Procurement cardholders. Your application will not be processed until the following requirements have been met:

  1. You have obtained pre-approval from your Department Head/Designee
  2. You have completed the required Procurement Card training
  3. The person identified as your fiscal officer has completed training

To complete the application you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4.0 or newer).

Procurement Card Application - Fiscal Officer Section

In order to complete the Fiscal Officer section of the Procurement Card application, the prospective cardholder must provide you with their request number. Provide your application number...

Dispute Reporting Form

The Dispute Reporting Form informs the UCD Procurement Card Program Administrator of any existing disputes (per policy requirements). The cardholder is responsible for resolving disputes with the vendor and/or US Bank (call 1-800-344-5696).

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Limit Increase Request

There are circumstances when a department may need to increase the limit on a Procurement Card to make a one-time purchase or several purchases during a selected amount of time.  There are also instances when a department has a high volume of recurring purchases and they may need to request a permanent increase for their Procurement Card.  Both of these situations can be accommodated, with appropriate approvals and justification.  (Note: increases to the individual transaction limit that exceed the departmental delegation of $4999.99 are rarely granted, and only under tightly controlled situations.  Please contact us prior to completing a request for such an exception, so we can discuss the situation with you.)

The current standard limits are as follows (these are standard limits, some limits can be lower depending on the department):

  • Transaction limit: $4,999.99
  • Daily limit: $10,000.00
  • Monthly (cycle) limit: $25,000.00

To request a limit increase, either a Temporary Increase Request Form or Permanent Increase Request Form must be completed, signed, and submitted by the fiscal officer for the account assigned to that card. Please e-mail the completed form to pcardhelp@ucdavis.edu for consideration.

Reconciliation of P-Card Transactions (PCDO)

Procurement Card Document (PCDO) in KFS

Reconciliation of Procurement Card transactions is done on the Procurement Card (PCDO) document in the Kuali Financial System.  It is important that fiscal officers and other P-Card reconcilers review the information page to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities in completing the PCDO document in a timely fashion.

At a minimum, the following must be completed on each PCDO document within 30 calendar days:

Visit the PCDO informational page for more assistance on the various fields.

UC Davis Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log

This log is to be used to track the distribution of gift cards that have been purchased with a Procurement card.

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Agreement for Repair Services with Procurement Card Payment
  1. Contact the supplier of your choosing. Before the supplier is authorized to complete the Service request, the Agreement for Repair Services with a Procurement Card form must be fully completed and signed by the supplier.
  2. Complete the Services with Procurement Card Payment form
    1. A complete description of the service/repair must be included in the agreement.
  3. Obtain the signature of the supplier on the form
  4. Complete the transaction with the supplier and pay on the p-card
  5. A PCDO document will generate after payment has been made; the department can then proceed with completing the PCDO document.
    1. Scan the signed Service Agreement form and attach to your PCDO
    2. Use 7100 as the object code (Repairs and Maintenance)

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