Accounts Payable

Why Transcepta?

Transcepta will minimize manual entry and expedite the AP payment process.

Using Transcepta will provide a pre-screening for invoices before they are entered into the financial system. This means less errors for our UCD staff to remedy!

It is estimated that Transcepta will reduce the number of invoices that require manual scanning/data entry by 30,000!

Early Payment Discount

What is an early payment discount and why does it matter to our university?

Many suppliers offer early payment discounts for invoices that are paid before their stated net term. For example, if a supplier sends an invoice with net 30 terms, they expect the payment within 30 days of the invoice date. However, if we can pay that same net 30 invoice within 5 days, the supplier will provide us with a discount. Each supplier's discount terms vary, but they can range from 1% to 10%. Imagine paying a $10,000 invoice with a 10% early payment discount... That is $1,000 that goes back into your budget!

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Accounts Payable

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