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Expanding Across Campus

To maximize the opportunities for discounts and other financial incentives, we will roll out APIS to the entire campus. To ensure a smooth transition to this service, the rollout will occur in phases. An onboarding schedule is proposed to add about 10% of the campus invoices every month through 2017. We anticipate that all campus departments will be served by APIS by the beginning of calendar year 2018. The costs for expanding APIS will be funded using central resources including incentive payments and central discounts. We do not intend to establish a separate or new recharge mechanism for this service.

This is a great opportunity to unify and align our University processes with best practices implemented by other universities, increase our negotiating power with suppliers, and reduce fraud. It supports the 2020 Initiative, allowing us to handle an increasing volume of work with less expense, and matches the One UC Davis vision.

Click here to see a message from Finance, Operations, and Administration Interim Lead, Kelly Ratliff.

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Accounts Payable

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