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Accounts Payable supports campus faculty, staff and students in meeting teaching, research, and operational needs by disbursing vendor and individual payments for various financial commitments. Disbursement services are accomplished in a timely manner, as we recognize the importance of creating and maintaining positive relationships with individuals and vendors.   Maximizing university cash management through careful payment schedules and ensuring disbursements meet internal and outside agency regulations are just a couple of our many goals geared toward supporting the University’s mission.

Accounts Payable and Travel & Entertainment are Moving!

At the end of May, the Accounts Payable and Travel & Entertainment teams will be moving our offices from 1441 Research Park to 260 Cousteau Place.  To facilitate packing and moving, we will be operating on a limited schedule during the week of Memorial Day.  We hope to return to full capacity on Thursday, May 28th.

What this means to you:

  1. We will be closed to the public starting Tuesday afternoon, May 26th and all day on Wednesday, May 27th
  2. Documents pending Accounts Payable or Travel approval may be delayed 24-48 hours during this downtime.
  3. Accounts Payable will print checks through 12pm on Tuesday, May 26th.  We will not print checks again until Thursday morning, May 28th.  ACH and Direct Deposit transactions should be unaffected.
  4. During our closed times, both the AP and Travel Help Desks will only be checked for emergencies, such as closed T&E cards while on travel status.  Same for voicemail.

Check pick-up locations will remain at Research Park after our move, via the Payroll window.


Accounts Payable News

NEW! KFS DV Payment Codes

4/2015 - Accounts Payable released two new payment codes! Read about the COM and UTL codes here.

Vendors: Fraud Alert

Watch out for altered versions of the official UC Davis Credit reference letter. Read more here.

Want Information on Kuali Financial Documents?

Check out the Financial System Document Help Page!

Accounts Payable

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