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Our Staff

Michael Kuhner

Division Manager

(530) 757-8505

Management of Accounts Payable Team, Management of Travel and Entertainment Team, Functional Lead and Owner of Accounts Payable and MyTravel systems

Nancy Van Tassel

AP Supervisor

(530) 757-8534

Check Controls, Register Reconciliation, Credit Memo File, Letters, Deposits, Vendor EFT, Payment Plus, Refund Check Deposits, Wires and Bank Drafts Approval

Tami Groulx

AP Analyst

(530) 757-8706

Check Cancellations, Stop Payments, Reissues, Rush Checks, Letter of Exception for Check Pick-Up, Document Corrections, Copy Requests Stale Dated Checks and Human Subject Advances

Kim Fine

AP Disbursement Processor

(530) 754-7811

Daily Check Printing, General Disbursement Questions, US and Foreign Wires and Drafts, Returned Checks, Bookstore, Law Library and Main Library

Maria Villa

AP Transaction Approver

(530) 757-8842

Disbursement Vouchers, including: APR, AFD, CAD, DEA, EDM, FRT, GRT, HUM, IMM, MEM, PET, PCL and SCA, PREQ and Credit Memo Approvals

Norma Andrade

AP Help Desk

(530) 752-7899

Help Desk Support for Email and Phone Inquiries, Vendor Payment Questions and Department Invoice Questions

Pam Weaver

AP Transaction Approver

(530) 757-8758

Disbursement Voucher, including: COL, EER, FEE, INS, REF, REG, RSO, SFD, and SRM, PREQ, Credit Memo Approvals and Refund Check Deposits

Pao Xiong

AP Disbursement Processor

(530) 757-8893

US and Foreign Wires and Drafts, Daily Check Printing, General Disbursement Questions, Returned Checks, Bookstore, Law Library, Main Library, and Post-audits of Low-value Payment Requests

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Accounts Payable