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UC Davis employee reimbursements & student refunds direct deposit. It takes 5 simple steps to enroll. Sign up today!

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Invoices are sent directly to the SSC by vendors to be processed for payment. Learn more about our Invoicing Services...


Accounts Payable supports campus faculty, staff, and students in meeting teaching, research, and operational needs by disbursing vendor and individual payments for various financial commitments. Disbursement services are accomplished in a timely manner, as we recognize the importance of creating and maintaining positive relationships with individuals and vendors. Maximizing university cash management through careful payment schedules and ensuring disbursements meet internal and outside agency regulations are just a couple of our many goals geared toward supporting the University’s mission.


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Vendors: Fraud Alert

Watch out for altered versions of the official UC Davis Credit reference letter. Read more here.

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Check out the Financial System Document Help Page!

Accounts Payable

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