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Update: Travel Insurance and Security Protection Benefits for Faculty, Staff and Students

November 16, 2015

The recent tragedy in Paris, France highlights the need to respond quickly when emergencies occur, both internationally and within our own borders. UC Davis Travel Accounting, in partnership with Risk Management, want to remind all our staff, faculty and student travelers of the importance of registering for the UC Travel Insurance programs. Individuals who are registered for insurance receive numerous benefits, including medical expense coverage, lost document assistance, and 24/7 monitoring of current travel alerts.

The easiest way to register for this insurance is to book your airfare through the Connexxus online booking tool (BCD), available through the UC Davis MyTravel portal. This system automatically communicates with iJET’s Worldcue system and begins the process of registering your trip for insurance. If you choose not to take advantage of the Connexxus booking tool, you must register your out-of-state or international trip with UC Away (https://ehs.ucop.edu/away/#/). After completing the simple trip information form, your travel insurance registration is transmitted to iJET and a “welcome email” is generated through iJET’s Worldcue system and sent to the traveler.

The Worldcue system notifies UC Davis Risk Management about travelers and their itineraries, thus providing critical information to support communications and any necessary emergency services.  It is of utmost importance to complete your travel profile in iJET/Worldcue upon receipt of your “welcome email” and also to be well acquainted with the UC travel insurance programs.

iJET provides real time intelligence and travel alerts designed to keep the traveler well informed throughout their trip. Registered UC travelers will receive direct e-mail notices from iJET/Worldcue regarding political unrest, natural disasters, war activities, health warnings, etc.

As a reminder, the University’s travel insurance benefits, designed to protect health, safety and security, are available at no cost to UC faculty and staff who travel out of state and out of the country on official UC business and to students in UC sponsored and supervised off-campus activities and programs abroad. Coverage also extends to spouses, domestic partners and dependents when traveling with University faculty, staff or students as personal travelers.

If you have any questions about how to use the Connexxus booking tool, or how to self-register your trip on with UC Away, please contact the Travel Help Desk at travelhelp@ucdavis.edu.  If you have questions about the services provided by Risk Management, please contact their support desk at rms@ucdavis.edu.

We encourage you all to travel safely this holiday season!