Accounting & Financial Services

Accounting & Financial Services

Accounting Business Office assists campus faculty and staff in meeting their teaching, research, and operational needs primarily by acting as the logistical link and communication conduit between campus and various accounting and financial services units and secondarily by providing Accounting and Financial Services staff with responsive administrative support. Accounting administration tasks are accomplished in a timely and efficient manner facilitating sound financial management.

Accounting & Financial Reporting (General Accounting) assists campus faculty and staff in meeting their teaching, research, and operational needs by providing sound fiscal management to the campus community. Preparation and review of financial statements, management of the account/fund profile system, general ledger maintenance, interdepartmental and intercampus transactions are completed in an efficient and effective manner. Analysis of financial data and interpretation of policy and procedure to maintain consistency with generally accepted accounting principles is the goal of General Accounting.

Accounts Payable assists campus faculty staff and students in meeting their teaching, research, and operational needs by disbursing payments to vendors and individuals to whom the campus makes financial commitments. Disbursement services are accomplished in a timely manner, recognizing the importance of positive relationships with individuals and vendor; maximizing university cash management through careful payment schedules is another goal. Accounts Payable assures that disbursements meet internal and outside agency regulations.

Aggie Surplus supports sustainability as it returns into circulation excess campus and UCDHS equipment, furniture, and supplies and sells surplus property to the general public and University departments. It enables departments to buy needed items at a cost savings, dispose of their excess and surplus property, and generate additional funds. It ensures compliance with campus and University policy concerning surplus sales, verifies that system information is cleared from all computer hard drives and administers a recycling program for covered computer electronic devises.

Cashier's Office assists campus faculty, students and staff in meeting their teaching, research, and operational needs by providing cashiering services and by recording and depositing all monies accruing to the UC Davis campus. These services are accomplished through positive personal interactions and through the use of modern technologies with maximizing university cash management as a goal.

Central Storehouse stocks and sells repetitively used goods to complement those offered through UCD Buy and other Strategic Sourcing agreements. Such items are stocked to satisfy campus requirements timely and/or to minimize the University’s cost and effort in the process of ordering, receipt and payment of invoices. Upon request, the Central Storehouse also places special orders for items not found in UCD Buy.

Contracts & Grants Accounting (Extramural Funds Accounting) assists campus faculty and staff in meeting their teaching, research, and operational needs by providing quality financial services for externally funded projects. Protecting the university's mission and reputation is achieved through effective review of funds use to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and restrictions. Extramural Funds Accounting is committed to serving principal investigators, research administration and the funding agencies with responsive customer service.

Procurement & Contracting Services provides timely, professional procurement and business Procurement & Contracting Services enabling our customers to meet their business objectives consistent with the University’s mission of teaching, research, and public service. We provide sound business contracting advice; develop sources of supply, specifications, procurement documents and business agreements using technical and professional expertise. We utilize proven “Best Practices” to fulfill the needs of our customers. Procurement & Contracting Services facilitates equal opportunity in business contracting for small, woman-owned, disabled veteran, and disadvantaged business enterprises in doing business with the University community. Through our Strategic Sourcing program, we optimize the University’s purchasing power by developing campus and system-wide agreements for goods and services, using e-procurement whenever possible to simplify and facilitate the purchasing process for our customers.

Distribution Services supports the campus community by centralizing mail, receiving and delivery services. It minimizes the duplication of campus resources by utilizing efficient receiving and delivery processes, and reduces potential worker’s compensation claims by using a wide assortment of material handling equipment and a skilled workforce; it provides a Special Services labor pool for on-demand moving and delivery services; it prepares and delivers time sensitive U.S. Mail, intercampus mail, express mail, bulk mailings and shipments to clients throughout the campus community and beyond. It educates clients about proper mail design in order to ensure compatibility with U.S. Postal Service automation requirements, as well as how to maximize postal discounts. These value-added services are provided in a fast, friendly and professional manner.

Equipment Management  (a.k.a. Capital Asset Accounting) assists campus and UCDMC departments in protecting university assets and in satisfying Federal control requirements on government property and UCOP policy and procedure by implementing and maintaining an equipment accountability system.

Education & Support Services provides, in partnership with other A&FS divisions, quality training and customer support with the goal of assisting UCD staff toward improved, efficient business practices.

Furniture Program supplies a one-stop shop for all campus office furniture services including space planning, design, specifying, procurement, delivery and installation to campus customers. It maintains an on-campus stock selection of commonly purchased/rented items and furnishes an online procurement system through UCD Buy that allows campus users to purchase furniture direct from the manufacturer. It provides a timely, professional level of service that allows UCD customers to buy furniture components and services at the lowest overall cost.

Microscope Services supports the campus and UCDHS academic mission by maintaining an inventory of commonly used teaching microscopes. Microscope Services rents these microscopes to departments on an "as needed basis" to 1) maximize usage; 2) minimize the University's investment in teaching microscopes; and 3) accrue adequate reserves for replacement at the end of their useful life span. It provides skilled maintenance and repair services for all levels of optical teaching and research microscopes.

Payroll Services assists campus faculty, staff, and students in meeting their educational objectives and their teaching, research, and operational needs by providing the highest quality services to the campus and community. This is achieved by facilitating the timely and accurate disbursement of approved employee compensation, satisfying payroll-related employer obligations and tax reporting and ensuring appropriate accounting for campus compensation costs.

Salvage Operations assists campus departments in the tracking, removal and disposal of items that can no longer be used or sold. It follows and facilitates campus compliance with legal recycling requirements, and University equipment and recycling policies and guidelines; and insures that required disposal methods are used for equipment, hazardous materials, and electronic devices.

Student Accounting assists campus faculty, staff, and students in meeting their teaching, research, and operational needs by providing the most effective and efficient disbursement of student financial aid. Additionally, effective and efficient maintenance and collection of student loans and campus receivables, and communication methods are employed for effective interaction with various funding agencies.

Systems Development & Implementation assists campus faculty and staff in meeting their teaching, research and operational needs through provision of leading technology decision support systems and sophisticated financial information recording systems. Currency with high technology is maintained in order to meet the objective of providing advanced solutions for administration of the general campus.

Systems Operations provides operational support for all A&FS managed information systems, including the Kuali Financial System (KFS) and related subsystems. They are responsible for ensuring the stability of the data and hardware associated with the information systems.



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